Semi-finished goods

Globofood SA produces semi-finished goods for customers as Business to Business in conventional and organic quality.


Rice is our most popular ingredient. Our factory is specialised to pre-treat the grains to give them specific, tailor-made features according to the needs of our clients. Our rice specialities are and remain verifiably free of gluten.

  • Grinding and micronisation in different degrees. Combination of thermic treatment and milling into very finely ground material
  • Pre-agglutination of rice and rice semolina
  • Pre-agglutination of flakes and flours (different degrees)
  • Transformation of flakes and flours into instant cereals with high cold solubility
  • Drying and standardisation of rice grains

Cereals and bran

We are experts in the treatment of different types of cereal and bran. Our main processes are controlled drying, pre-agglutination, grinding and extrusion. By combining these techniques we can offer our clients nearly every tailor-made product:

  • Micronisation of native or heat-treated cereals.
  • Processing in humid heat to reduce the cooking time for the consumer.
  • Drying to raise the cold solubility (instant cereals)
  • Hot extrusion of flours into crispy pops.
  • Extended shelf life via standardisation of the water content, activation of enzymes and hygienisation.
Getreide und Kleie


Our production is designed for a gentle in-activation and drying of liquid yeast. According to your specification we can co-manufacture roller dried yeast powder or flakes with or without the adding of a carrier material. Our know-how includes gluten-free yeast (molasses), nutritional yeast as well as bakers- and brewers’ yeast containing gluten.

Especially for the elimination of the odour emission, we have installed a Bio airfilter. The air from the production is cleaned in a two-step process. By this method, the environment is not affected by the exhaust air.


We offer a production line to dry liquid malt out of gluten or gluten-free cereals and can grind that afterwards according to the coarseness specified.

Vegetable oils

Natural cold-pressed oil specialties for direct consumption or as ingredient in the gourmet kitchen and manufacturing. Small and medium sized quantities available of pure oils from sunflower, rape seed, maize- and wheat germ, grape seed, hemp and soya. We offer contract manufacturing capacities for your crops. 

Hefe und Malz