High quality products from Globofood SA survive only in the appropriate packaging.

Packaging technologies

In 2021 we expanded our packaging capacities by the installation of new filling lines for consumer products. We pack our powders and fine flakes in neutral or printed pouches, selfstanding or with cardboard box, composite cans on demand. We have experience with sustainable packaging materials and make efforts to reduce packaging materials and to avoid material wastes.

We offer the following packaging technologies for semi-finished goods and for ready-to-eat products targeted directly at the consumer:

  • Big bags
  • Paper bags with PE in-liner, sewed, 5-25kg.
  • Paper bags coated, heat sealed, 0.5-1-2kg
  • Self standing pouches 250 – 500g packed under protecting gas atmosphere (N2)
  • Bag in Box 200 – 400g, packed under protecting gas atmosphere (N2)
  • Portion sizes 15-30g, packed under protecting gas atmosphere (N2)

Logistics and customs

We have experience with customs clearance and transport logistics worldwide.