NEW Developments

Innovations are driving success and economics. Globofood SA is making contribution to it.

„There you go“ – that’s our motto. We take every request, every new product- or process-development as a personal challenge. This is our way to grow. The relatively small size of our company enables us to follow this credo. We beat our competition not by quantity but by flexibility and the eagerness to find a good solution for our customers – always.

The intelligent combination of our production processes and machinery gives room for so many possibilities to invent something new:

  • Blending
  • Grinding
  • Micronizing
  • Fluidised bed heating and drying
  • HTST-Drying
  • Instantisation
  • Inactivation of enzymes
  • Roller drying
  • Extrusion: hot or cold
  • Continuous backing process
  • Any combination there off
  • Standardisation of features on by-products or products with deviating properties